Nov 18, 2017

5 Questions to Ask Before You Shoot Your Marketing Video

When Netflix launched House of Cards, in a strange twist of Frank Underwood-inspired events, its producers already knew they had a hit on their hands.



The success of their former content proved patterns that led to several seasons (and counting) of the show. Netflix knew its users were more likely to watch political thrillers, enjoyed the work of the series’ director, and were partial to actor Kevin Spacey.

Because of Netflix’s direct relationship with its consumers – knowing their viewing (bingeing) habits, and delving into the correlations behind its reported “30 million plays” a day – it was able to find an intersection of entertainment that garnered a collective five-million viewers.

What does this mean when it comes to curating your own content marketing?

Study up!

The data that social media sites – especially YouTube and Facebook – provide similar metrics that Netflix uses to fodder its own content.

By exploring your content’s crystal ball analytics you can monitor not only how many views a video has received, but also the duration of your viewer’s attention span. Which means you can predict what types of stories will be most effective by reviewing your company’s own grand slams and grand flops.

Time and resources aren’t always plentiful. Especially when it comes to shooting engaging video. And for many brand leaders, creating content for their website is the very last thing on their list of never-ending to-dos.

Improve Your Video Strategy

So, before you go to launch your brand’s online video content strategy, here are a few questions to keep in mind:

What content has already flopped and/or served its purpose?

It seems logical, but you’d be surprised how many strategists fall into a pattern of creating content that no one will watch because it feels comfortable and safe. Or maybe even like it’s content they should be creating.

Go back and look at your analytics. Take note of how and when you shared the content that’s low on the viewership gauge. This will give you insight if your low-balling numbers are due to snoozy content or the way the content itself is released. Note any patterns, then make a commitment to steer clear of the ones that aren’t serving you well!

Who is this content for?

Just like the old adage “the customer is always right,” online content is all about your viewers.

In every brainstorm session, ask yourself: is this video really for your targeted consumers, or is to appease the well-wishes of the big boss at your company?

Show us a happy superior, and we’ll show you someone who understands the content that cost them hard-earned profits is feeding their client base.

How will this content serve my viewers?

Does it inform? Does it tell an interesting and engaging story? Does it put out solid messaging about your brand and inspire your viewers to learn more?

These questions are imperative when it comes to not only serving your viewers, but hopefully turning them into clients in the long run.

What has my audience already seen of my brand and responded/engaged well with?

It’s the obvious flip-side of the first question. What has already served your marketing strategy well? What have your viewers typically engaged with and shared with others? Picking out these patterns in your content marketing can help you guarantee a successful campaign.

What content can I create that isn’t restricted by a timestamp?

Finally, your video content needs to be timely and “evergreen” meaning that it won’t become dated quickly. Especially if it’s going to live on your site or your social media platforms permanently. Content that can live forever and even be recycled or repurposed later on will save you time and expenses, and be relevant for your viewers no matter when they stumble upon your brand.


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