4th Gen Homes

Web Design + Branding + Media Production

Project Synopsis

4th Generation Home Builders has been proudly building homes since 1997 with their roots stretching back four generations to 1928 when John and Michael Olivieri’s immigrant great-grandfather established Olivieri Homes Corporation in New York. 4th Gen wanted a new logo to reflect their heritage, as well as a new website to showcase home listings and attract potential buyers. Istoria designed a website with a home database that is connected to MLS so 4th Gen can update their listings across multiple services in one convenient location. 

Services Provided
Responsive Web Design
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Drone Video Footage
Trackable Improvement in Site Performance
Decrease in Bounce Rate Since Launch
Increase in Average Session Duration (2015)
Average Month-Month Increase in Page Views (2015)

“Istoria built us a website and logo that is on par with any of the top homebuilders in the country. We are thrilled with their continued support as they ensure our site is fully optimized and highly ranked.”


– Michael Olivieri
Senior VP | 4th Gen Home Builders