Empowering a rap duo to drop mad rhymes on the world.


Midbest is on a mission to make hip-hop fun again, drawing inspiration from pioneers of the genre that told stories and put a smile on your face. Featuring members Jared Beasley (Istoria’s Creative Director) and Kris “Krees” Demeter, Midbest creates tracks that range from tongue-in-cheek trap to catchy, pop-leaning rap ballads.

Istoria was tasked with creating all of Midbest’s branding, web presence, and digital strategy. Project highlights include the debut single, “Dat Dough Tho,” experiencing a viral release and receiving a placement in the Super Bowl LII pregame.

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“Istoria’s branding and marketing design gave us immediate legitimacy in the midst of the music industry’s noise. We get props on the logo consistently, the videos are highly shareable, and the merch pops.”

Mixmaster Krees
1/2 | Midbest