Jan 1, 2016

Why The Name Istoria?

written by Jared Beasley
in category Istoria

What is the foundation of an effective brand message? When you hear the word marketing, what do you think of? Print advertisements? Radio messages? Television commercials? Websites? What is the foundation of these mediums of communication? What makes a message sent via one of these mediums resonate with a recipient? There is something that transcends mediums of communication—the art of storytelling.

The Greek word for story is ιστορία, pronounced Istoria. We purposefully chose this word as a company name because it is radically foundational and it helps frame every project we work on.

“Those who tell stories rule society.” – Plato

Long ago Plato said, “Those who tell stories rule society.” The people of Plato’s time relied on mass gatherings and word of mouth to disseminate information but we have a plethora of options thanks to technology. The mediums formerly mentioned—print, TV, radio and web—all provide a unique opportunity to share brand stories on a mass scale literally in seconds. If you have a story worth telling and you tell it well, there has never been a better age to tell it.

Stories during Plato’s time were often told around a fire at night. History was orated for millennia before the written word. The stories that were passed down were those that grabbed the imagination, inspired confidence and enacted change. All around a simple fire.

That’s where the Istoria campfire logo comes from. It’s a salute to history and a reminder that in spite of the advanced technology we use to share messages, we must focus on story. It’s the heart of an effective brand message and it’s the soul of this company. That’s our Istoria.

* The featured image is a tinted lithograph by Charles Troedel that features Aboriginal people fishing and camping on Merri Creek in Melbourne, Australia. 1864. Public Domain.

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