Young Huh x Modern Matter Studio Shoot

Recently, renowned interior designer Young Huh joined forces with luxury hardware company Modern Matter to produce a truly exceptional hardware line. As a privileged witness to this collaboration, we had the opportunity to capture the essence and beauty of their unique creations. 

Here’s how we planned for the shoot:

Understanding the Client’s Vision:

  1. When it comes to photography, understanding the client’s vision and goals is paramount. For the Young Huh x Modern Matter collaboration, our purpose was to capture images that would be used on Modern Matter’s website to inspire and attract interior designers to explore and purchase the Young Huh collection. Additionally, we aimed to create visuals that aligned seamlessly with Young Huh’s distinctive aesthetic, ensuring a cohesive representation of the collaboration.

Collaborative Planning with Milanote:

  1. To streamline our collaboration with Modern Matter, we utilized the versatile project management tool, Milanote. This platform allowed us to create a mood board and plan shots, facilitating seamless communication and sharing of inspiration images. By combining our creative inputs and aligning on priorities, we generated a comprehensive shot list that encompassed the essence of the Young Huh x Modern Matter hardware collection.

Setting the Stage with Lighting:

  1. Creating the perfect lighting setup is crucial in bringing out the true beauty of the hardware collection. Inspired by the elegance of the Renaissance era, we opted for a four-light configuration that accentuated the intricate details and craftsmanship of each piece. This lighting setup enhanced the textures and finishes, evoking a sense of timeless sophistication in the final photographs.

Editing and the Final Images:

  1. After capturing the essence of the Young Huh x Modern Matter hardware collection, we embarked on the editing process to ensure the images truly reflected our vision. Through careful post-processing techniques, we enhanced colors, balanced lighting, and refined details to create stunning visuals that showcased the collection’s aesthetic appeal. The final images captured the essence of Young Huh’s design expertise and Modern Matter’s commitment to luxury craftsmanship.
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The Young Huh x Modern Matter hardware collection is a testament to the power of collaboration in the world of interior design. Through planning, creative vision, and photography, we were able to capture the beauty and essence of these unique pieces. The resulting images not only serve as an inspiration for interior designers but also showcase the harmony between Young Huh’s design expertise and Modern Matter’s commitment to luxury craftsmanship.

Our photographs of the Young Huh x Modern Matter collection was exclusively featured in Architectural Digest Spring 2023

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