Magazine Jukebox

User-focused media to drive sales 📈
Magazine Jukebox is a cutting-edge digital magazine platform that offers businesses an innovative way of providing their customers with engaging reading material. Built for waiting rooms, hotels, hospitals, salons, cafes and much more, they provide access to a large catalog of magazine titles at no cost to readers.

We were thrilled to work with Magazine Jukebox to create a commercial that showcased the ease of use of their core product. Our team developed a shot list, scouted locations, and casted actors that would effectively highlight the versatility of Magazine Jukebox.

Art Direction

Lifestyle Images

Putt King at the Office
Magazine Jukebox lifestyle image of woman scrolling phone
Magazine Jukebox QR code
Magazine Jukebox Lifestyle of man scrolling iPad close up
Magazine Jukebox Lifestyle image of man scrolling iPad

Behind the Scenes

Magazine Jukebox behind the scenes filming at coffee shop
Magazine Jukebox behind the scenes camera
Magazine Jukebox behind the scenes
Scott Janney, Magazine Jukebox
Istoria helped us articulate and effectively convey our brand's narrative.

Scott Janney
Founder & CEO | Magazine Jukebox