Modern Matter

Revealing Beauty in Every Detail ✨

Modern Matter Hardware creates bold and decorative products that bring story and intentionality to any interior. They collaborate with acclaimed interior designers to design, produce, and launch one-of-a-kind collections.

We capture Modern Matter's collections in our studio and on location. Each shoot receives a custom concept to capture the designer's unique vision.


Art Direction
Video Production

Pierce & Ward Collection

Pierce and Ward Bathroom
Designers Louisa Pierce and Emily Ward
Pierce and Ward Kitchen Design

Valencia + Clementine + Pixie

Hardware designed by Mark D. Sikes
Modern Matter
Mark D Sikes Hardware Collection with Modern Matter

The work in action

Facebook Ads
Facebook Placement Valencia Collection
Facebook Placement Valencia Collection
Facebook Placement Mark D. Sikes
Architectural Digest Full Page Spread

Architectural Digest Features

Our photographs of the Young Huh x Modern Matter Across the Pond collection were featured in an ad in Architectural Digest's Spring 2023 edition. Our images can also be seen in the following AD online articles:

Across the Pond & Jeweled Enchantress

Hardware designed by Young Huh
Modern Matter
Young Huh hardware collection with Modern Matter
Young Huh Across the Pond Hardware collection with Modern Matter

ECommerce Product Photos

Each image is meticulously retouched, and a custom hex color is applied to the background to ensure consistency across Modern Matter's SKU library.
Modern Matter Knob Hardware Group
Modern Matter Pull hardware flat lay
Modern Matter hardware pull captured in Istoria's studio
Modern Matter pull hardware with blue gemstones
Beatriz Lange, Modern Matter
"Istoria seamlessly transforms our vision into sophisticated and beautiful content."

Beatriz Lange
Marketing Manager | Modern Matter